Fun and Games

Come one, come all! We have lots of fun planned for your weekend at Chaos! Here is what awaits you besides the trail riding:

The Egg Game:

It takes two, a driver and a co-dawg! An easy, short course is set up for this game. Driver drives their vehicle around the course. The co-driver will be holding an egg on a spoon out the window. If the egg falls, you loose, fastest time wins!

The Blind Driver:

 An easy, short course is set up for this game. Driver is Blindfolded and drives their vehicle around the course by following the instructions from their spotter/co-driver. Fastest time wins!

Teeter Totter:

The object of this activity is pretty simple, you drive up and balance your vehicle on a huge teeter totter!

Chaos Barrel Boss:

Three big barrels and a stop watch. Just like with horse barrel racing. The driver will drive around all three barrels in whatever vehicle they have, jeep, truck, minivan, anything on four wheels. No experience necessary. Although the fastest time wins, this challenge is not a race but an opportunity to improve your vehicle handling and driver skills.

Chaos Barrel Boss Videos: Loopi and Maria for the Win! Carl Driving Juggy

RTI/Flex Ramp:

See how far your ride can flex by driving it up on our flex ramp. Read more

Read more

Kids Bike Race and Kids Hot Wheels Race:

A short, kid friendly course is set up to house a kids bike race and a kids hot wheels race. Any age and any kind of hot wheels or bikes are welcome. Guardians must be present during these all all other kids events.

Moon Bounce:

A moon bounce or a bouncy house is an inflatable structure designed to provide safe and fun environments for children to jump around and burn off some of that energy!

RC Race:

Fun for kids and adults, no age restrictions, bring your remote controlled vehicle and lets see what its got! 

Other games and activities include:

Washers, relay races, frisbee golf, face painting, ladder ball toss, coolaid relay/race, pie eating contest, kickball game, lawn darts bonfire and movies, and many more.

If you have games you want to bring out, bring them, just don’t hold us responsible if they break or are lost or stolen.

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