Trail Clearing

Trail Clearing FAQs

How’s the trail clearing coming along? 

We have been working hard since the park opened, thanks to a huge amount of support from the local off road community, lots of trails and obstacles have been cleared. See the current map and trail info.

When’s the next trail clearing?

We will announce trail clearing dates on the calendar and on the events on chaosoffroad facebook page.

Who can attend a trail clearing?

Anyone willing to come out is welcome, wheeling experience is a plus. Good attitude is a must. Remember trail clearings are free, because we are going to work not play, although when we are done we usually play anyway.

What should we bring to the trail clearing?

Bring chainsaws, hedge trimmers, axes, garden sheers, heavy trash bags and any other tools you have that may be helpful in clearing brush and debris to identify trails and obstacles.

What’s the dress code?

You should wear trail friendly clothes, such as hiking or steel toe boots, full length pant, long sleeved shirt or t-shirt, and any appropriate outerwear. Remember you will be outside, working through brush, you will probably walk quite a bit and will get dirty!


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