Trail Guides

Guide Training FAQs

What are the perks of becoming a Chaos Guide?

Membership has it’s privileges, CHAOS Trail Guides wheel free.  As a CHAOS Trail Guide you will be held to a higher standard.  No matter what off-road park you are at people will know that if they need anything they can depend on you!

What are the responsibilities of a Chaos Guide?

We will also look for those of you that want to join the ranks and become a CHAOS Trail Guide. Just like everything else we do the standards are high.  As a guide you are responsible for taking a group out and bringing them back.  You are also responsible for making sure everyone has a pile of fun! In addition to that you will be required to learn all the different techniques that are not standard operating procedure to recover vehicles and people from all situations.  Including landing a medevac chopper exactly where you want it.

What are vehicle and driver skill requirements for a Chaos Guide?

There are no minimal vehicle build requirement. Stock to buggy, mild to wild!

It’s a plus if you have Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, or EMS training however, anyone with the right attitude and aptitude is eligible for training. You will earn your stripes in the CHAOS Elite ranks.  We all had to start somewhere. We appreciate your willingness to help, and we will teach you everything you need to know to successfully lead a group of wheelers.

When is the next Guide training?

Keep an eye on the calendar and on the events on Chaos Off Road Facebook page. We usually do guide training on the trail clearing days.

What should we bring to the Guide Training?

Bring your off road capable vehicle and your good attitude.

What should I wear?

You should wear trail friendly clothes, such as hiking or steel toe boots, full length pant, long sleeved shirt or t-shirt, and any appropriate outerwear. We will spend most, if not all of our time outside, training and recovering, we will get dirty/muddy etc.

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